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Input Slang



tackle n: The male genitals.

taffy pulling n: A euphemism for male masturbation.

tallywacker n: A penis.

tank n: A jail or jail cell.
tanked, tanking, tanks
v. intr.
To suffer a sudden decline or failure: The stock market tanked.
Phrasal Verb:
tank up
To drink to the point of intoxication.
Intoxicated; drunk.

tard n: Short for retard.

ta-ta's n: A woman's breasts.

thang n: A thing.

thatch n: Pubic hair; bush.

threesome also three-way n:
1. Any sex act involving three people.
2. A relationship in which three people, such as a married couple and a lover, live together and have sexual relations.

throne n: A toilet.

tiddley also tiddlyadj: Intoxicated; drunk.

tight adj:
1. Personally close; intimate.
2. Intoxicated; drunk.

tight-ass n:
1. A person who is overly tense or nervous.
2. A stingy person; a miser.
3. A person who is rigidly conventional, as in manners, opinions, and tastes.

tit n: A woman's breast.

tizzy n: A state of nervous excitement or confusion; a dither.

toast n: One that is doomed, in trouble, or unworthy of further consideration.

toe-jam n: The dirt that collects between toes.

toke n: An inhale of smoke, especially marijuana.

tool n:
1. The penis.
2. A person used to carry out the designs of another; a dupe.

tooshie n: The buttocks.
[Alteration of Yiddish tokhes, from Hebrew]

toot n:
1. A drinking binge.
2. Cocaine, especially a small amount snorted at one time.
v. tooted, tooting, toots
v. intr.
To snort cocaine.
tooter n.

tootsie or tootsy n:
1. Toots.
2. A girl or young woman.
3. A person's foot.

toss n:
1. Nonsense.
2. An act of masturbation (applies to males only).
toss, tossing, tossed
To masturbate (applies to males only).
Phrasal Verb:
toss off
To masturbate.

tossbag n: A detestable person.

tosser n:
1. A person who masturbates (applies to males only).
2. A detestable person.

tosspot n: A person regarded as inept, foolish, or contemptible.

tough adj:
1. Unfortunate; too bad: a tough break.
2. Fine; great.
tough it out
To get through despite hardship; endure.

tranny also trannie n:
1. A transvestite.
2. A transexual.

tr.v. trashed, trashing, trashes
a. To throw away; discard: trashed the broken toaster.
b. To wreck or destroy by or as if by vandalism; reduce to trash or ruins.
c. To beat up; assault.
d. To subject to scathing criticism or abuse; attack verbally.

trick n:
a. An act of prostitution.
b. A prostitute's customer.
c. A session carried out by a prostitute with a client.
2. A robbery or theft

trip n:
a. An hallucinatory experience induced by a psychedelic drug: an acid trip.
b. An intense, stimulating, or exciting experience: a power trip.
a. A usually temporary but absorbing interest or preoccupation: He's on another health food trip.
b. A certain way of life or situation

v. trolled, trolling, trolls
v. tr. / v.intr.
To patrol (an area) in search for someone or something.

trouser snake n: A penis.

turd n:
1. A piece of excrement.
2.A contemptible person.

turd burglar n: Used as disparaging term for a homosexual man.

turf n:
1. The range of the authority or influence of a person, group, or thing; a bailiwick:
2. A geographical area; a territory.
3. The area claimed by a gang, as of youths, as its personal territory.
turfed, turfing, turfs
To kill.

turkey n:
1. A person considered inept or undesirable.
2. A failure, especially a failed theatrical production or movie.

turn v:
To perform (an act of prostitution): turning tricks.
Phrasal Verbs:
turn off
1. To affect with dislike, displeasure, or revulsion: That song really turns me off.
2. To affect with boredom: The play turned the audience off.
3. To lose or cause to lose interest; withdraw: turning off to materialism.
4. To cease paying attention to: The student turned off the boring lecture and daydreamed.
turn on
1. To take or cause to take a mind-altering drug, especially for the first time.
2. To be or cause to become interested, pleasurably excited, or stimulated. Often used with to : My uncle turned me on to jazz.
3. To excite or become excited sexually.

tush n: Buttocks.

twat n:
1. The vulva.
2. A woman or girl.
3. A contemptible person.

twerp also twirp n: A person regarded as insignificant and contemptible.

twit n: A foolishly annoying person.


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