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Barclay's Bank n: Rhyming slang for masturbation; bank rhymes with wank, the most common British term for masturbation.

bash the bish v: phrase. masturbate. Bish refers to the glans of the penis, which is said to resemble a bishop's miter in shape.

chicken choker n: A person who masturbates.

diddle v:
1. To have intercourse with (a woman). 2. To practice masturbation upon.

finger v:
To digitally stimulate the vulva.
To masturbate by means of inserting one's finger(s) into the vestibule of the vagina.

jack off v : To masturbate.

jerk off v : get sexual gratification through self-stimulation.

taffy pulling n: A euphemism for male masturbation.

toss n: An act of masturbation (applies to males only).
toss, tossing, tossed
To masturbate (applies to males only).
Phrasal Verb:
toss off
To masturbate.

tosser n: A person who masturbates (applies to males only).

wanker n: A person who masturbates.


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