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What is Slang?
Slang is a kind of language occurring chiefly in casual and playful speech, made up typically of short-lived coinages and figures of speech that are deliberately used in place of standard terms for added raciness, humor, irreverence, or other effect.

About Slang Search
Slang Search is an online dictionary of English slang and definitions, organized for easy navigation and fast searching. Only SLANG terms and phrases are included in this dictionary. Use Slang Search to expand your slang vocabulary! We believe you'll find Slang Search informative and entertaining.

Who uses Slang Search?
Writers use Slang Search as a rich resource of colorful slang terms. Webmasters use Slang Search to spice up their websites. Chatters use Slang Search to enhance their chat room experiences. Everybody uses slang in some form or another!

We Welcome Your Input
This site is updated regularly and we invite input from you. If you can't find the terms you're searching for, please let us know. If you know of any slang terms not included on this site, please share your knowledge with the world and input to Slang Search.

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