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Input Slang



cabbage n: Money, especially in the form of bills.

can n:
1. A jail or prison.
2. A toilet or restroom.
3. The buttocks.
4.A naval destroyer.
canned, canning, cans
1. To make a recording of: can the audience's applause for a TV comedy show.
2. To dismiss from employment or school.
3. To put a stop to; quit: Let's can the chatter.

canary n:
1. A woman singer.
2. An informer; a stool pigeon.

cans n: A woman's breasts.

cake hole n: The mouth.

carpet muncher n:
1. A person who performs cunnilingus.
2. A lesbian.
carpet munching v: Performing cunnilingus.

cash in v: To die.

cat n:
1. A person, especially a man.
2. A player of devotee of jazz music.

catted, catting v: To look for sexual partners; have an affair or affairs:

centerfold n:
1. A magazine center spread, especially a foldout of an oversize photograph or feature.
a. The subject of a photograph used as a centerfold, often a nude model.
b. A feature, such as an advertisement or calender, inserted as a centerfold.

cheapskate n: A stingy person; a miser.

cheese n. tr.v.cheesed, cheesed, cheesing, cheeses
To stop.

cheesed off
Phrasal Verb
1. To make or become angry.
2. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.

chick n: A girl or young woman.

chicken n:
1. A coward.
2. A young gay male, especially as sought by an older man.
adj. Afraid; cowardly.
intr.v.chickened, chickening, chickens
To act in a cowardly manner; lose one's nerve: chickened out at the last moment.

chicken choker n:
1. A person who masturbates.
2. A detestable person.

chickenshit n:
1. Contemptibly petty, insignificant nonsense.
2. A false statement that is considered to indicate timidity or fear.
1. Contemptibly unimportant; petty.
2. Cowardly; afraid.

chill n:
1. To calm down or relax. Often used with out.
2. To pass time idly; loiter. Often used with out.
3. To keep company; see socially. Often used with out.

chink n: Used as a disparaging term for person of Chinese birth or descent.
[Probably alteration of Chinese.]

choad n: A penis.

choppers n: Teeth, especially a set of false teeth.

chops n:
1. The technical skill with which a jazz or rock musician performs.
2. Teeth: Don't bust my chops.

chop shop n: A place where stolen cars are disassembled for parts that are then sold.

clam n: The vulva.

clap n: Gonorrhea. Often used with the.

clink n: A prison or a prison cell; a jail: spent the night in the clink.

tr.v. clobbered, clobbering, clobber
1. To strike violently and repeatedly; batter or maul.
2. To defeat decisively.
3. To criticize harshly.

clock v:
1. To notice.
2. To hit or punch.

cluster fuck n: Group sex.

cobblers n:
Testicles. From the rhyming slang cobblers awls, meaning balls.

cock n: A penis.

cockamamie also cockamamy adj:
1. Trifling; nearly valueless.
2. Ludicrous; nonsensical: This is a cockamamie idea.

cocksucker n:
1. One who performs an act of fellatio.
2. A mean or despicable person.

cock tease n: A person who arouses hope, desire, or curiosity in a man without affording satisfaction

coffin nail n: A cigarette.

cold turkey n:
1. Immediate, complete withdrawal from something on which one has become dependent, such as an addictive drug.
2. Blunt language or procedural method.
3. A cold fish.

come v:
1. To experience orgasm.
2. Semen ejaculated during orgasm. Also cum.

come across
1. To do what is wanted.
2. To pay over money that is demanded: came across with the check.

come down
1. To happen; occur: What's coming down tonight?
2. To experience diminishing effects of a recreational or hallucinogenic drug.

come on v: To show sexual interest in someone: trying to come on to me during the party.

come off it To stop acting or speaking foolishly or pretentiously. Often used in the imperative.

conk n :
1. The head.
2. A blow, espcially to the head.
v. conked, conking, conks
To hit, especially on the head.
To stop functioning; fail: The engine conked out on the final lap.
2. To fall asleep, especially suddenly or heavily: conked out on the couch watching television.
3. To pass out; faint.
4. To die.

coochy, coochie n: The vulva.

cool adj:
a. Excellent; first-rate: had a cool time at the party.
b. Acceptable; satisfactory: It's cool if you don't want to talk about it.
2. Entire; full: worth a cool million.
cool it 1. To calm down; relax.
2. To stop doing something.

cookie n: The vulva.

coon n: Used as a disparaging term for a Black person.

tr.v. copped, copping, cops
1. To take unlawfully or without permission; steal.
a. To get hold of; gain or win: copped a ticket to the show.
b. To take or catch: "I copped a feel of her tit".
Phrasal Verb:
cop out
To avoid fulfilling a commitment or responsibility; renege: copped out by ducking the issue.
cop a plea
To plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid standing trial for a more serious charge.

cooter n: The vulva.

cough v:
Phrasal Verb:
cough up
To hand over or relinquish (money or another possession), often reluctantly.

cowgirl n: Refers to the sexual position of a woman sitting upon a reclining man.

cum n: Semen ejaculated during orgasm. A variant of come.

cumwad n: The semen discharged in an ejaculation.

cunt n:
1. The female genital organs.
2. Sexual intercourse with a woman.
a. Used as a disparaging term for a woman.
b. Used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.
[Middle English cunte.]

cut v: 1. To be able to manage; handle successfully: couldn't cut the long hours anymore.
2. To expel (a discharge of intestinal gas).
cut the cheese
To expel intestinal gas.
cut a fart
To expel intestinal gas.

crabs n: Infestation by crab lice.

crack n: Crack cocaine, a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted

cracker n:
1. Used as a disparaging term for a poor white person of the rural, especially southeast United States.
2. Used as a disparaging term for a white person.

crank n: Methamphetamine.

crap n:
1. Excrement.
2. An act of defecating.
3. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
4. Cheap or shoddy material.
5. Miscellaneous or disorganized items; clutter.
6. Insolent talk or behavior.
v.crapped, crapping, craps To defecate. Phrasal Verb:
crap out
1. To back out; quit: crapped out on me just when I needed him.
2. To leave: crapped out of the meeting early.

crapper n: A toilet.

cream v:
1. To defeat overwhelmingly: creamed our rival on their home court.
2. To damage severely; destroy:My camera got creamed when I dropped it.
2. To ejaculate:I creamed on her tits.

creep n: An annoyingly unpleasant or repulsive person.

crocked adj: Intoxicated; drunk.


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