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Input Slang



backdoor n: A euphemism for the anus.

bag n:
1. An area of interest or skill: Cooking is not my bag.
2. A woman considered ugly or unkempt. 3. The scrotum.
v. bagged, bagging, bags
1. To fail to attend purposely; skip: bagged classes for the day and went to the beach.
2. To stop doing or considering; abandon: bagged the idea and started from scratch.
bag it
1. To cease discussion of an issue: Finally in disgust I told my debating opponent to bag it.
2. To bring along one's lunch, as in a paper bag: I don't like cafeteria food, so I always bag it.

bag lady n: A homeless woman, especially one in a big city, who carries her possessions with her, as in a shopping bag.

balmy adj: Eccentric in behavior.
balmily adv. balminess n.

baloney also boloney n:
1. Nonsense; pretentious or silly talk or writing.
2. A large penis.

ball game n:
1. A competition.
2. A particular condition, situation, or set of circumstances.

balls n:
a. The testicles.
b. Courage, especially when reckless.
c. Great presumptuousness.
balled, balling
To have sexual intercourse with.
v. intr.
To have sexual intercourse.

ballsy, ballsier, ballsiest adj: Very tough and courageous, often recklessly or presumptuously so.

bang, banged, banging, bangs v: To have sexual intercourse with.

bank n: Female genitals. Derives its connotation from deposit, meaning ejaculate.

bank and biff n: Rhyming slang term for syphillis, where biff rhymes with syph, a common abbreviation for syphillis.

Barclay's Bank n: Rhyming slang for masturbation; bank rhymes with wank, the most common British term for masturbation.

barf v: Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.
tr. & intr.v barfed, barfing, barfs
To vomit.

bash the bish v: phrase. masturbate. Bish refers to the glans of the penis, which is said to resemble a bishop's miter in shape.

basket n:
1. Male genitals. Refers to the bulging shape of the male gentials when clothed in a jockstrap or athletic supporter.
2. Scrotum.

bastard n: A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable.

bean n:
1. A person's head.
2. beans A small amount: I don't know beans about investing.
3. A fellow; a chap.
tr.v. beaned, beaning, beans
To hit (another) on the head with a thrown object, especially a pitched baseball.

bean counter n: A person, such as an accountant or financial officer, who is concerned with quantification, especially to the exclusion of other matters.

beaver n: The vulva.

beaver cleaver n: The penis.

bearded clam n: The vulva.

beef n: A complaint.
int.v: beefed, beefing, beefs
To complain.

beef curtains n: The labia; the folds of tissue of the female external genitalia.

beef bayonet n: The penis.

bellyache n: A whining complaint.

benny, bennies n: An amphetamine tablet taken as a stimulant.
[From Benzedrine.]

biddy n: A woman, especially a garrulous old one.

bimbo n:
1. A young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men; A woman regarded as vacuous or as having an exaggerated interest in her sexual appeal.
2. A vacuous person.

bird n:
1. A rocket, guided missile, satellite, or airplane.
2. A person, especially one who is odd or remarkable: a sly old bird.
3. A young woman.
a. A loud sound expressing disapproval; a raspberry.
b. Discharge from employment: lost a big sale and nearly got the bird.

birdbrain n: A person regarded as silly or stupid.

bishop n: The penis. Refers to the glans of the penis, which is said to resemble a bishop's miter in shape.

bitch n:
a. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.
b. A lewd woman.
c. A man considered to be weak or contemptible.

2. A complaint.
4. Something very unpleasant or difficult.
v. intr.
bitched, bitching, bitches
To complain; grumble.

blast n: A highly exciting or pleasurable experience or event, such as a big party.

blind n: Intoxicated; drunk.

bloke n: A fellow; a man.

blotto adj: Intoxicated; drunk.

blow v:
1. To go away; depart. Let's blow this town.
2. To spend money freely and rashly. I blew all my money at the race track.
3. To perform fellatio.
4. To spoil or lose through ineptitude.
Phrasal Verbs:
blow away
1. To kill by shooting, especially with a firearm.
2. To defeat decisively.
3. To affect intensely; overwhelm: That concert blew me away.
blow in
To arrive, especially when unexpected.
blow off
To choose not to attend or accompany: They wanted us to come along, but we blew them off.
blow a fuse
To explode with anger.
blow (one's) cool
To lose one's composure.
blow (one's) mind
To affect with intense emotion, such as amazement, excitement, or shock.
blow chunks
To vomit.

blowjob n: The act or an instance of fellatio.

blunt n: A cigar rolled from a mixture of marijuana and tobacco.

boff, boffed boffing, boffs
To have sexual intercourse with.
v. intr.
To engage in sexual intercourse.
boff n: 1. A line in a play or film, for example, that elicits a big laugh. 2. A big laugh. 3. A conspicuous success. Also called boffo, boffola.

bogey n:
1. An unidentified flying aircraft.
2. A detective or police officer.

boner n: An erection of the penis.

bonehead n : A stupid person; a dunce.

bonk v:
1. Have sexual intercourse with.
2. Hit hard.

boob n:
1. A stupid or foolish person; a dolt.
2. A woman's breast. [Short for booby]

boob job n: Plastic surgery of the breasts, especially to increase their size; breast enlargement.

n. pl. boobies A woman's breasts.

booger n:
1. Dried nasal mucus.
2. An item that is unnamed or unnameable.
a. A worthless, despicable person.
b. A person; a fellow.

booze n:
1. a. Hard liquor. b. An alcoholic beverage.
2. A drinking spree.

boozed, boozing, boozes
To drink alcoholic beverages excessively or chronically.

boozer n.
boozily adv.
boozy adj.

box n: The vulva and the vagina.

bozo n: A dunce; a fool. [From Bozo the clown]

bread n: Money.

bro n:
1. A brother.
2. Friend; pal. Used as a form of familiar address for a man or boy: So long, bro.
pl. bros

broad n: A woman or girl.

brown shower n: The practice of defecating on another person as a means of sexual stimulation.

bug off v: To leave someone alone; go away.

bug out v:
1. To leave or quit, usually in a hurry.
2. To avoid a responsibility or duty.

bum n: The buttocks.

bummer n:
1. An adverse reaction to a hallucinogenic drug.
2. One that depresses, frustrates, or disappoints: Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.

bummed v: To depress, dishearten, or dismay. Often used with out.

bun n:
1. One of the buttocks. Often used in the plural.
2. A drunken spree.

bunghole n: The anus.

buns n: Buttocks.

bush n: A growth of pubic hair.
v. bushed, bushing, bushes
adj. Bush-league; second-rate

bust v:
a. To smash or break, especially forcefully.
b. To render inoperable or unusable.
2. To reduce in rank.
a. To place under arrest.
b. To make a police raid on.
a. To undergo breakage; become broken.
b. To burst; break.
2. To become bankrupt or short of money.
3. To lose at blackjack by exceeding a score of 21.
1. A failure; a flop.
2. A state of bankruptcy.
3. A time or period of widespread financial depression.
4. A punch; a blow.
5. A spree. a fraternity beer bust
a. An arrest.
b. A raid.
bust (one's) butt/ass
To make a strenuous effort; work very hard. bust (one's) nut
1. To eject semen in orgasm.
2. To orgasm.

buzz n:
1. A state of pleasant intoxication, as from alcohol.
2. Excited interest or attention.


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