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Input Slang




ammo n: Ammunition.

ammo dump n: A location where live or expended ammunition is stored.

amtrack n: An amphibious armored vehicle used to transport troops and supplies, armed with a .30-caliber machine gun.

angel track n: An armored personnel carrier used as an aid station.

arty n: Artillery.

ball game n:
1. A military operation.
2. A particular condition, situation, or set of circumstances.

balls n:
a. The testicles.
b. Courage, especially when reckless.
c. Great presumptuousness.
balled, balling
To have sexual intercourse with.
v. intr.
To have sexual intercourse.

band-aid n: A medic.

bandoliers n: Belts of machine gun ammunition.

beef n: A complaint.
int.v: beefed, beefing, beefs
To complain.

bellyache n: A whining complaint.

big boys n: Heavy artillery; armored tanks.

bird n: A rocket, guided missile, satellite, or airplane.

bird dog n: Forward air controller, usually in a small, maneuverable single-engined prop airplane.

blooker also blooper n: The M-79 grenade launcher.

blow v:
Phrasal Verbs:
blow away
1. To kill by shooting, especially with a firearm.
2. To defeat decisively.

boom-boom n: A euphemism for sexual intercourse.

boonie rat n: A combat infantryman.

boot n: An inexperienced soldier just out of boot camp.

bro n:
1. A brother.
2. Friend; pal. Used as a form of familiar address for a man or boy: So long, bro.
pl. bros

bug out v:
1. To leave or quit, usually in a hurry.
2. To avoid a responsibility or duty.

can n:
1. A jail or prison.
2. A toilet or restroom.
3. The buttocks.
4. A naval destroyer.
canned, canning, cans
To put a stop to; quit: Let's can the chatter.

chill n:
1. To calm down or relax. Often used with out.
2. To pass time idly; loiter. Often used with out.
3. To keep company; see socially. Often used with out.

comics n: Topographic maps.

tr.v. decked, decking, decks
To knock down. He decked his sparring partner
hit the deck
1. To get out of bed.
2. To fall or drop to a prone position.
3. To prepare for action.

dogface n: A U.S. Army foot soldier, especially in World War II.

eagle flights n: A large air assault of helicopters.

early out n: A solider who has a drop or reduction in time in service.

expectants n: Casualties who are expected to die.

fire track n: A flame-thrower tank.

flop n:
1. To rest idly; lounge.
2. To go to bed.

foo gas n: A mixture of explosives and napalm, usually set in a fifty-gallon drum.

frag n: A fragmentation grenade.
tr.v. fragged, fragging, frags
To wound or kill (a fellow soldier) by throwing a grenade or similar explosive at the victim.
fragger n: One who frags.

freak n:
1. Radio frequency.
2. A drug user or addict: a speed freak.

fubar adj: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (or Repair); Utterly botched or confused.
[WWII military slang]

v. fucked, fucking, fucks
1. To have sexual intercourse with.
2. To take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize.
3. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
v. intr.
1. To engage in sexual intercourse.
2. To act wastefully or foolishly.
3. To interfere; meddle. Often used with with.
1. An act of sexual intercourse.
2. A partner in sexual intercourse.
3. A despised person.
4. Used as an intensive: What the fuck did you do that for?
Used to express extreme displeasure.
Phrasal Verbs:
fuck off
1. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
2. To spend time idly.
3. To masturbate.
fuck over
To treat unfairly; take advantage of.
fuck up
1. To make a mistake; bungle something.
2. To act carelessly, foolishly, or incorrectly.
3. To cause to be intoxicated.

funny papers n: Topographic maps.

get it on
Phrasal Verb
1. To become filled with energy or excitement.
2. To engage the enemy in battle.

glad bag n: A body bag.

gook n: Used as a disparaging term for a person of East Asian birth or descent.

grease monkey n: A mechanic, especially one who works on motor vehicles or aircraft.

greens n: Army Class A uniform.

grunt n: An Infantryman.

guff n:
1. Nonsense; baloney.
2. Insolent talk; back talk.

gung ho adj: Extremely enthusiastic and dedicated.

hard-ass n: One who inflexibly follows or enforces rules.

honey dipper n: A soldier assigned to burn excrement .

hooch or hootch n: A hut or simple dwelling, either military or civilian.

hoochgirl n: Vietnamese woman employed by American military as maid or laundress.

hook n: A radio; a radio handset.

horn n: A radio microphone.

hot adj: Under enemy fire,with regard to an area.

hot LZ n: A landing zone under enemy fire.

Huey n: A nickname for the UH-1 series helicopters.

humped, humping, humped
v. tr.
1. To exert (oneself).
2. To carry, especially on the back.
v. intr.
1. To exert oneself.
2. To hurry.

insert n: To be deployed into a tactical area by helicopter.

jet jockey n: An Air Force fighter pilot.

john wayne n: A can opener.

juice n:
1. Electric current.
2. Fuel for an engine.

kill zone n: The area around an explosive device.

klick n: A kilometer.

lay chilly adj: To freeze; to stop all motion.

leg n: Regular infantry.

lego n: Infantry unit.

lifer n: One who makes a career in one of the armed forces.

log bird n: Logistical (resupply) helicopter.

mad minute n: A weapons free-fire practice and test session .

Monday pills n: Anti-malarial pills.

moose n: A Vietnamese mistress.

mule n: A small, motorized platform originally designed to carry a 106-millimeter recoilless rifle, but most often used for transporting supplies and personnel.

Nam n: Vietnam.

nape n: Napalm.

papa sierra n: Platoon sergeant .

peanuts adj: wounded in action .

piss tube n: A vertical tube buried in the ground for urinating into.

pogue n: A derogatory term for military personnel employed in rear echelon support capacities, usually used by Marines.

point n: The forward man or element on a combat patrol.

pop smoke v: To ignite a smoke grenade to signal an aircraft .

pos n: Slang for position, usually meaning a friendly location.

profile n: A prohibition from certain types of military duty due to injury or disability.

rabbits n: Used as a disparaging term for white American soldiers.

rack n: A bed or cot.

recon n: Reconnaissance.

redball n: An enemy high speed trail or road.

redbird n: A Cobra helicopter.

repo depo n: A replacement detachment .

ringknocker n: A graduate of a military academy. Refers to the rink worn by graduates.

rock'n'roll v: Firing a weapon on full automatic.

ruck or rucksack n: A backpack issued to infantry.

Ruff Puff n: A derogatory term used by Americans for RF/PF.

sack out v: To sleep.

saddle up v: To put on one's pack and get ready to march.

set n: A party.

shake'n'bake n: A sergeant who attended NCO school and earned rank after only a very short time in uniform.

short adj: Close to the end of a tour of military duty.

sky v: To leave.

sky out v: To flee or leave suddenly.

slackman n: The second man back on a patrol, directly behind the point.

slant n: Used as a disparaging term for a person of Asian birth or descent.

slope n: Used as a disparaging term for a person of Asian birth or descent.

soul brother n: A Black soldier.

spider hole n: A camouflaged enemy foxhole.

sweat v:
1. To interrogate (someone) under duress: sweated the suspected spy for hours.
2. To extract (information) from someone under duress: The police sweated the information out of the suspect.
Phrasal Verb:
sweat out
1. To endure anxiously: sweat out an exam.
2. To await (something) anxiously.
no sweat
Easily done or handled.
sweat bullets
To sweat profusely.

tight adj:
1. Personally close; intimate.
2. Intoxicated; drunk.

turtles n: New replacements.

wasted adj:
1. Killed.
2. Destroyed.

World, the n: The United States of America.

yo interj: Used as a greeting or to attract someone's attention.
[From the Danish yo for 'yes']

zipperhead n: Used as a disparaging term for a person of Vietnamese birth or descent.

zippo raid n: A military operation which involves burning down a village, named after the Zippo cigarette lighters used to ignite the fire.

zapped adj: Killed.

zit n: Used as a disparaging term for a person of Vietnamese birth or descent.

zulu n: A casualty report.


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