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Input Slang



ace tr.v:
1. To get the better of (someone): a candidate who aced his opponents in the primaries.
a. To receive a grade of A on: She aced the exam.
b. To perform with distinction on: aced the interview.

acid n: Lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Also called LSD.

aggro adj: Aggressive.

airhead n: A silly, rather unintelligent person.

a.k. n: ass-kisser.

alky, alkies n: An alcoholic.

argy-bargy, argy bargies n: A lively or disputatious discussion.
[Scots, reduplication of argie, argument, from argue.]

arrow n: The penis.

arse n:
1. Buttocks.
2. Anus: Stick it up your arse
3. Sexual intercourse.

artichoke n: The vulva. Refers to both appearance (the leaves imply the labia) and edibility.

ass n:
a. Buttocks.
b. The anus.
2. Sexual intercourse.
3. Any of several hoofed mammals of the genus Equus, resembling and closely related to the horses but having a smaller build and longer ears, and including the domesticated donkey.
4. a pompous fool.
5. A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person.
6. A dull, heavy, stupid fellow; a dolt

asshole n:
1. excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal.
2. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
3. The most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.

asswipe or arsewipe n:
1. toilet tissue, or anything used to clean oneself after defecation or urination.
2. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.

ass peddler n: A pimp or prostitute.

awesome adj: Remarkable; outstanding. Inspiring awe.
awesomely adv.
awesomeness n.


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